SOLIDWORKS Manage Administrator Interface

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated October 23, 2019


The Administrator Options of SOLIDWORKS Manage, can only be accessed if the user has sufficient permissions. The Administration Options can be accessed from Options pull-down

Options Pull-down

Or the Tools tab.

Tools Tab

Selecting Administration Options, will launch SOLIDWORKS Manage System Administration, in a separate Window.

SOLIDWORKS Manage System Administration

At bottom of this window are located all of the Areas that can be configured, by a SOLIDWORKS Manage Administrator.

Administration Areas

The Sections associated with these Areas, are displayed above.

Area Sections

When an Areas Section is selected, the administrator has access to tools for defining these Sections.

Defining Area Sections

If an Administrator wants to access SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration, this can be done by clicking on the link at left of SOLIDWORKS Manage System Administration.

PDM Administration Link

At the top-right corner is a link to SOLIDWORKS Manage System Administration Help. This is different then the Help that is available from the User interface.

System Administration Help

In future articles, we will look at the different areas of SOLIDWORKS Manage Administration.

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