Overlay Configurations in Alternate Position View with SOLIDWORKS 2020

Article by Mersedeh Zandvakili updated October 24, 2019


With SOLIDWORKS 2020 you can now overlay two configurations of a part in a single view in your part drawings using Alternate Position View. This is very useful for comparing two configurations that are made from one another.

For example, you may purchase a part from a supplier (as-purchased configuration) and then machine some holes in the part (as-machined configuration). You can create a drawing view of the as-machined configuration, and then add an alternate position view to show the as-purchased configuration.

In the following example, the part model has two configurations. To create alternate views for this part:

  1. Select the As-purchased configuration and create a view.
As-purchased Configuration

As-purchased Configuration

  1. Select the view and click Alternate Position View (Drawing toolbar).
Creating an Alternate Position View

Creating an Alternate View

  1. In the Property Manager, for Existing configuration, select the configuration for the as-machined part.
  2. Click OK.
Using the As-machined Configuration as the Alternate Position View

Using the As-machined Configuration

Phantom lines show the holes of the as-machined configuration

Holes Are Shown as Phantom Lines

Hole outlines are shown with phantom lines

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