SOLIDWORKS Composer Callout Exponent Shape Option

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated December 31, 2019


In the past, SOLIDWORKS Composer has offered the option to call out quantity as an exponent on an annotation.  Now, in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020, that exponent can be set to utilize a new clarity-enhancing callout option.  It’s controlled by a property called Exponent shape.

In the picture below, the lower callout has its Exponent shape property enabled, while the upper callout does not.

Exponent shape disabled for upper callout, and enabled for lower callout

To show the exponent shape, simply select any Callouts and check their collective box for the Exponent shape property.   Set their Quantity exponent (shown below) property to some value other than None, otherwise the exponent will not be shown.

Setting options to show the exponent shape

Note that for geometry actors with quantities of 1, their exponents will be hidden by default, but they can be shown if desired by checking the box for File > Properties > Document Properties > Advanced > General > ShowCalloutExponentX1

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