SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 Inlaid Text for Linear Arrows

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated January 24, 2020


Earlier in SOLIDWORKS 2019 we used to place an arrow to show the details on the view, but to show what we were pointing to we used the “Text 2D” tool on Author Tab, to show a description. But now in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 linear arrow has a new property called “Inlaid text”.

SW 2019 - Arrow properties

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2019 arrow properties has inlaid text missing

Here are the steps of how to use/toggle ON this property:

  1. On Author Tab > Use arrow tool to place linear arrow in the view-port.
  2. Now select the placed arrow and notice in properties tab on the very bottom.
  3. Toggle on Inlaid text property, that allows us to display text inside a linear arrow.
  4. By default it shows the value of length of arrow in the text field,change the type from length to custom.
  5. Doing so, additional text box “TEXT” is shown which allows us to add any information we would like to show inside the arrow.

Note: This property is only available for linear arrows but not the circular arrows.

Inlaid Text Property- SW 2020

Inlaid Text Property in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020

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