How to change the SOLIDWORKS Composer Viewport Ground

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 10, 2020


When working in SOLIDWORKS Composer you will notice that there is a Dassault Systèmes logo on the SOLIDWORKS Composer Viewport Ground by default. If you want to remove this, or change it to something else you can.

Default ground and DS logo removed (before and after)

Default ground and DS logo removed (before and after)

To access the SOLIDWORKS Composer Viewport Ground properties:

Through Collaboration Tab:

  1. On Collaboration Tab > Expand Environment > click on Ground > this shows the properties of the ground on Properties pane.
  2. Ground can be toggled on and off  by checking or un-checking the box.
  3. In properties pane > remove “%DS%” text from the ground texture property to remove Dassault systems logo or click on the ellipsis to browse another texture that can be any supported image type such as bitmap (.bmp), .Jpeg, targa (.tga) or .Rgb.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Ground properties - Collaboration Tab

Ground properties – Collaboration Tab

Through Document properties:

  1. Go to File > Properties >  Document properties (current document)/Default Document Properties (future documents) > Viewport.
  2. In General section toggle the ground on or off by selecting or deselecting the check-box.
  3. Just below the Ground checkbox there is an area where you can remove “%DS%” to remove the Dassault systems from the ground or change the texture path to another image using the ellipsis.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Viewport Ground properties

Ground properties – Document properties (DS logo removed using backspace)

To turn off the ground completely you can also go to Render Tab > Toggle the ground and grid ON/OFF

Toggle ground ON or OFF

Toggle ground ON or OFF

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