How to create a Section View in SOLIDWORKS Composer?

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 7, 2020


Section views are created to see the internal cross section of the model or peer inside the model — without moving or hiding any geometry.

Normally, we create the section view in a SOLIDWORKS 3D model with the Section Tool from the Heads up view toolbar, and in SOLIDWORKS Drawings using the section line.

In a similar way, we can create section views in SOLIDWORKS Composer by using a cutting plane. Using cutting planes, we can create and manage cross-section (cutaway) views of our models.

Here are the steps to create a section view:

Step 1:

First of all we will add the cutting plane that will appear in the collaboration tab, that we will use to create a section. Go to Author Tab > Cutting Planes > Create.

Right away our cursor changes into big red arrow.

As we had no actors selected, before we clicked create, the cutting plane is applied to the entire model.

Create Cutting Plane

Create Cutting Plane

Step 2:

This Red arrow is the positioning arrow. Now click on any face of the model. The cutting plane is created normal to the positioning arrow.

Now drag the plane manually using mouse to control the depth of section. Or click on the plane to see all the properties of plane in the properties pane on the left of composer window.

Hold the Alt Key to align particular axis when placing a SOLIDWORKS Composer Section View cutting plane.

Cross-section of a watering can

Cross-section of a watering can

Step 3:

Now double click on the cutting plane to re-orient the model, so that the cutting plane is parallel to the screen.

Double click cutting plane to re-orient

Double click cutting plane to re-orient

Step 4:

Now let’s learn how to move and rotate the cutting plane easily. Re-orient the model back to 3D isometric view through Home Tab> Align Camera >select any custom camera position.

Move your cursor to any position on top of the cutting plane, it shows the move handle and allows you to move and control the depth.

However, if you would like to rotate the cutting plane to have a section at an angle, hold the corner of cutting plane, the pointer will change to rotate handle and will allow to rotate the plane.

Move and Rotate the SOLIDWORKS Composer Section cutting plane

Move and Rotate the cutting plane

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