Why is a Colour Property change not applied to an Animation after SOLIDWORKS Composer document update?

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 27, 2020


While working with SOLIDWORKS Composer assemblies (.SMG) there are always cases where SOLIDWORKS designers make some changes in the source model.

To avoid the re-work of creating all the views and animation again in a Composer assembly you can update the Composer document. This update process could include:

  • Existed part removed/deleted from assembly
  • New part added in assembly
  • Part properties change – material/appearances/colours
  • Part geometry changes

Doing so, the model in the graphics area as well as the views in the views pane update. And you can also expect any animations to be updated automatically and reflect the changes in colours of the part and all other changes.

Let’s take an example of an update process where colours of a part are changed and then after an update process the views update but the animation doesn’t show the changed colour. This is an intended behavior of Composer to not change the colour of a part in the existing animation to keep the animation integrity (in case that actor changes colour in the animation).

Updating SMG files also updates the geometry and neutral properties of actors at time zero of the animation. And if property changes in the updating file are not applied in the animation, then it’s an indication that the neutral properties of the actor(s) are not in use at time zero of the animation.

How to make sure animation reflects the change in colour property?

  1. Update current composer .smg through File > Update.
  2. After updating activate the timeline pane and switch to animation mode.
  3. While in animation mode place the time-bar at time zero, manually select the actor[s] whose colours are changed and click “Restore Neutral Properties” icon in the properties pane.
  4. Doing so, the colour changes will be updated throughout the animation.

Before and After Update process in both views and animation

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