How to change the default Recovery Model Option for new SQL Databases

Article by Justin Williams updated February 26, 2020


By default when a new database is created within Microsoft SQL the recovery model option is set to full.  If you’re capturing daily backups, a full recovery model can cause issues with the transaction log affecting performance.  We’ve previously looked at how to change the recovery model, but we can change a setting within SQL to make the default recovery model set to simple.

How to set the default recovery model to simple

  • Log in to the SQL Server Management Studio using the sa (system administrator) account;
SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Server Management Studio

  • Expand the Databases folder
    • Then the System Databases folder
      • Select the model DB
        • Right-click > Properties;


    • Select Options and for Recovery Model via the drop-down, we can switch it from Full to Simple, then hit OK;
Simple Recovery Model

Simple Recovery Model Option

Then any new vaults we create, the database Recovery Model will be set to simple;

New Database set to Simple

New Database set to Simple

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