Unable to access SOLIDWORKS Composer User Guide or Help document?

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 18, 2020


Every now and then SOLIDWORKS Composer users report that they can’t access the SOLIDWORKS Composer user-guide/help document through SOLIDWORKS Composer window > Help > Help Topics, and by default Composer tries to open the HTML help document through the default browser, in my case I use Google Chrome.

How to access SOLIDWORKS Composer user guide

How to access SOLIDWORKS Composer user guide

Here is the result I get when an HTML document opens on Google Chrome for me. The blocked content can be enabled in Google Chrome using the command prompt, or use a different browser.

HTML document blocked by google chrome

As in above image, the link highlighted shows the path of the user guide location which can be accessed manually through windows file explorer and by clicking on the properties of this document change the default browser for all the html documents.

Default path to access the SOLIDWORKS Composer user-guide  “dsswxcomposerdoc.htm”  is:

"C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS Composer\help\ENU\dsswxcomposerdoc.htm"

In my case, I changed it to Internet Explorer and as soon as I try to open this user guide using Explorer it gives me a pop-up message to enable the blocked content.

Default location of composer user guide

Here is what the SOLIDWORKS Composer user guide looks like:

SOLIDWORKS Composer User Guide Overview

SOLIDWORKS Composer User Guide Overview

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