How to create Angular Center Marks in SOLIDWORKS Drawings?

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 17, 2020


Center marks are annotations that mark circle or arc centers and describe the geometry size on the drawing.

With the Center Mark tool, we can create a center mark or a center point on circular edges. The center mark lines can also be used as references for dimensions.

Center marks can be shown in three various styles such as:

  1. Single center marks (Regular) – angular center marks
  2. Linear Center marks
  3. Circular Center mark

Angular Center marks:

Angular center marks can be used as long as we are working with the linear center marks. Here is how we can use them:

  • Go to Annotation Tab on Command Manager
  • Click on Center Mark
  • This opens the Center Mark property Manager
  • Make sure the Linear Center mark icon is selected under Manual Insert options section.
  • Now scroll to the bottom of Center mark property manager and type in the value for the angle you want for center mark > hit enter
  • Click on the circular edges to add center marks.
SOLIDWORKS Angular Center Marks

45° Angular and Single Center mark

Note: To show angular and single (regular) center marks on same view , you will have to use center mark tool twice separately for both types. All 4 center- marks can’t be placed right away by using center mark tool once.

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