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Article by Rod Mackay updated September 11, 2020


The new 3DEXPERIENCE Social Business Analyst will help you to get answers to your critical business questions using real-time data insights; driving faster decision-making with automated alerts and actions.

The 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS provides more than just design apps for your business. Social Business Analyst is a browser-based solution that enables your team to listen to, learn from and act on all the information that matters to your business. Aggregate content from across the social web alongside enterprise data.

3DEXPERIENCE Social Business Analyst

3DEXPERIENCE Social Business Analyst

The Social Business Analyst delivers an all-in-one dashboard view, enabling you to compare and analyze internal business metrics alongside web data to measure social impact. Choose the sources you want to monitor, visualize data with custom charts, and drive faster decision making by automating actions triggered by events and data insights. Take a look at how the Social Business Analyst works in the on-demand webinar below:

Who should use the Social Business Analyst?

For product management, marketing, sales teams who need to analyze marketing data and customer feedback, such as tweets, articles, video and images posted around the world and use the data to improve the product. Social Business Analyst offers a powerful and easy-to-use set of online content analysis tools to quickly filter relevant content and identify marketing trends, patterns and consumer feedback for your brand and product. That provides business leaders an analytics and market intelligence application for product marketing management, marketing and sales, delivering powerful online content aggregation and analysis that enables data driven decision-making for every team and member of the organization. Unlike other social media analytic tools

Social Business Analyst differentiates itself from other social media analytic tools by offering comparable capabilities—but in a single environment in the cloud. It is the only solution on the market that is able to connect product, sales and marketing to the product development process.

Social Business Analyst will help you to…

Find potential customers

Social Business Analyst provides the tools that can track prospects who are interested in your product and inspire your business with new ideas and better ways to market your product. You will be able to analyze data and connect insights into the product development process via social collaboration tools to make the right decision at each step. Other social analytics tools like Brandwatch, Linkfluence, or Hootsuite are disconnected from the rest of the product development process and cannot effectively interoperate and copy information across systems.

Gather market research and opinion

Social Business Analyst allows you to gather customer feedback and perform sentiment analysis to understand how customers react to your or competitor products, enabling you to adjust, make changes and improve your product. The result of your analysis is accessible from a single environment in one dashboard, delivering a centralized view into everything. The main benefit is you can share real-time insights, competitive analysis and marketing data with your entire organization.

Track competitors

With tracked topics, you can collect real-time information about your competitors to understand how they are doing business and identify opportunities or potential risks for your business. Important articles and feeds can be automated and pushed to individuals via email or to the entire team using collaborative communities so everyone is up-to-date on the latest and greatest information.

Other departments in the ecosystem (development, marketing and sales) that are typically disconnected from the competitive analysis view can obtain the intelligence for the entire product development process via 3DEXPERIENCE social collaboration services.

Research Topics of Interest

For instance if your sales department is interested in pricing for a specific type of product in a specific region, they could use the Library to search for the topic, enabling them to understand what people are saying about the topic in real time. Read and analyze all related content in one dashboard. Monitor new articles added and even add an opinion and share it with the team for feedback.

Brand Awareness

Executives have a high-level brand overview. What are customers saying about their brand versus competitor’s? What is the overall sentiment around the brand? Automatically track and analyze the social media conversation and customer feedback.

Product Launches and Marketing

A product manager in charge of launching new product events can track the event’s most important details. Understand what attendees and the press are saying about the event in real time. Identify top speakers and sessions, analyze social sentiment around exhibitors, and collect all the latest news as it is published.

Key features of Social Business Analyst

The three key features of the Social Business Analyst are:

  • Aggregate content: Aggregate all relevant social content and data in one place
    • Monitor content relevant to your industry.
    • Take advantage of libraries of curated sources for multiple industries, such as high-tech,
      financial services and more.
  • Analyze content: Analyze content to extract actionable insights
    • Focus on what matters.
    • Keep all articles in one place and follow every update.
    • Analyze web data. Know what is said, where and by whom.
    • Drag to compare to visualize social impacts.
  • Act on insights: Automate the way you share your insights
    • Create Potions to automate the way you share information.
    • Put your dashboard on autopilot 24/7.

Interested in the Social Business Analyst?

Contact us to get a personalized demo and pricing to determine if the Social Business Analyst is right for your business.

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