Food packaging design: promoting prototype readability

Article by Stratasys Ltd. updated April 26, 2021


Use Case – Using Stratasys® VeroUltra™ materials to power in-house rapid prototyping for beverage and food packaging.


When creating bottle packaging, designers value quick iteration, readability and a streamlined decision-making process. However, this is not always achievable when prototyping with traditional blow-molded plastic or glass prototypes. Finding the right combination of bottle shape and labels can be an expensive, multistep process. The process can also be more manual and more difficult to create repeatable iterations. Creating one prototype can also be a time-consuming endeavor, leaving designers little time to create additional iterations.

Solution for food packaging design

Using Stratasys PolyJet™ 3D printing technology and VeroUltra family of opaque color materials in-house, designers were able to visualize an entire packaging design — bottle and label — in one physical model. The technology also made sharp detailing possible on elements such barcodes, QR codes and label text, which helped with the readability of the design. The VeroUltra materials also allowed designers to achieve bright colors and smooth gradients straight from the printer.

VeroUltra packaging prototype example

Super realistic label reproduction


Enabling in-house rapid prototyping reduced design iteration time tremendously, streamlining workflows. Additionally, existing renders of the package design could be exported for printing, eliminating the risk of miscommunication and improving version control.

About VeroUltra

VeroUltra materials are available for the J55, Stratasys J7 and J8 series printers. The materials provide a smoother texture enabling high quality plastic appearance, ultra sharp graphics and high contrast print levels previously impossible to achieve. It is a game changer in the world of design – offering exceptionally high-quality, accurate colours for a wide range of applications including beverage and food packaging.

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