VeroUltra Colour Material

Rigid Transparency

VeroUltra™ includes VeroUltra™ WhiteS and VeroUltra™ BlackS colours and is available for the Stratasys J55Stratasys J7 Series, and Stratasys J8 Series printers.

The use of VeroUltra™ WhiteS and VeroUltra™ BlackS improves significantly the colour opacity and colour uniformity. It also provides a smoother texture enabling high quality plastic appearance, ultra sharp graphics and high contrast print levels previously impossible to achieve.

When combined as digital materials with other Stratasys PolyJet materials such as VeroWhite, VeroUltraClear, or the Agilus30 family the possibilities become endless!

VeroUltra Material Properties

Behaviour and use


50-65 MPa


65-85 MPa


48-52 °C


20-30 J/m

Main Uses

Opaque materials facilitate the printing of thin parts, providing richer colours with sharper textures and texts. Opaque shades bring models to life with un-matched colour realism.

Create high quality colour objects with professional, realistic finishes applying sharp graphic and text capabilities.

Top Applications
  • Consumer Goods
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive /Transportation
  • Toys / Figurines
  • Packaging

PolyJet Material Profile

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A new design standard

Color is a key element of design. Colour creates ideas, communicates messages, sparks interest and elicits certain emotions. Colour can also used in product design to reflect an environment, lifestyle or culture.

Colour quality in 3D printing has seen continual improvement over the years, yet the VeroUltra family of opaque PolyJet™ materials is a true game changer in the world of design — offering exceptionally high-quality, accurate colors for a wide range of applications.

PolyJet Material Applications

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VeroUltra Specification & Features

Mechanical PropertyASTMValue
Tensile StrengthD-638-0350 – 65 (7250 – 9430 psi)
Elongation at BreakD-638-055 – 20 %
Modulus of ElasticityD-638-042000 – 3000 MPa (290000 - 435000 psi)
Flexural StrengthD-790-0365 – 85 (9400 – 12300 psi)
Flexural ModulusD-790-042000 – 2800 (290000 – 406100 psi)
HDT, °C @ 0.45 MPa Before PhotobleachingD-648-0648 – 52 ºC (118-126 ºF)
HDT, °C @ 0.45 MPa After PhotobleachingD-648-0744 – 47 ºC (111-117 ºF)
Izod Notched ImpactD-256-0620 – 30 J/m (0.375 – 0.562 ft-lb/in.)
Water AbsorptionD-570-98 24hr1.1 – 1.4%
TgDMA, E»-56 ºC (124-133 ºF)
Shore HardnessScale D83 – 86
Polymerized DensityASTM D7921.19 – 1.23 g/cm3


System AvailabilityLayer Thickness CapabilitySupport StructureAvailable Colour
Stratasys J55™18 microns (0.0007 in.)SUP710 (WaterJet removable)VeroUltra™ WhiteS
VeroUltra™ BlackS
Stratasys J8 Series14 microns (0.00055 in.)SUP705 (WaterJet removable)
SUP706 (soluble)
VeroUltra™ WhiteS
VeroUltra™ BlackS

PolyJet™ Technology

Advantages of 3D printing VeroUltra with a Stratasys PolyJet Machine

Proven Technology

Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printers are based on proven technology, which creates precise prototypes that set  the standard for finished-product realism. Their fine resolution makes complex shapes, intricate details  and smooth surfaces possible.

Advanced 3D Printing

PolyJet 3D Printing works by jetting layers of liquid photopolymer onto a build tray and instantly curing them with UV light. The fine layers build up to create a precise 3D model or prototype. Models are ready to handle right out of the 3D printer, with no post-curing needed.

Better ideas, easier sell

Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printers improve communication and collaboration because they produce amazingly  accurate representations of your ideas that you can share with your team and your clients for a faster, more confident buy-in.

Compatible 3D Printers

Stratasys Machines that can print with VeroUltra material

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