Design to Manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOM) Production

Article by Rod Mackay updated July 2, 2021


Watch the on-demand webinar below for an introduction to DELMIA® solutions, and producing Bill of Materials (BOM) from Design through Manufacturing:

In this DELMIA on-demand webinar you will learn

Leveraging the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works platform, and the Manufacturing Items Role allows a production engineer to build a manufacturing bill of materials from the engineering bill of materials. In doing so, the engineer can define manufacture intent such that as the engineering bill of materials changes, so does the manufacturing bill of materials.

  • An understanding of how the Manufacture Items Management role helps to build the Manufacturing Bill of Material.
  • How ENOVIA® change actions ensures that the correct products are manufactured.
  • How the Manufacturing Bill of Material moves into production through the use of DELMIAWorks.
Manufacturing Items Engineer

Manufacturing BOM Items Engineer

About the Manufacturing Items Engineer Role

Define, compare, manage and update the Manufacturing Bill of Material (MBOM) from the Engineering Bill of Material (EBOM)

  • Easily creates the Manufactured Items Structure directly from the 3D Design data
  • Allows users to update the whole manufacturing BOM for all impacted Manufacturing Items
  • Reduces deployment time via an easy-to-use web client with 3D visualization, which provides users with a more accurate representation of the MBOM
  • User defined templates save time by reducing re-works
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