Improve your 3D scans with AESUB scanning spray

Article by Kelly Clancy updated July 5, 2021


Artec 3D scanners are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, scanning objects small and large, to easily capture data while reducing time and costs.

Even with the best professional scanners, a 3D scanning spray is sometimes necessary to help capture all the intricate details of reflective and transparent parts. Javelin Technologies now offers AESUB scanning sprays. Watch the short video demonstration below to see them in action:

AESUB scanning spray is ideal for transparent parts, reflective parts, deep pockets, or when high quality and accuracy are important. It creates a matte white coat reducing reflection which allows for a better scan.

AESUB sublimating sprays

AESUB scanning sprays are a quick and easy way to scan difficult objects with no mess or cleanup. The sprays dry instantly, and vanish without needing cleanup. Developed by scanning expert, AESUB is free of TiO2 and does not contain any pigments, which avoids contamination of sensitive areas.


  •  AESUB’s original sublimating spray is available in a convenient rattle can and vanishes in approximately 4hrs. Perfect for fast turnaround work.


  • AESUB’s new long-lasting sublimating spray, available in a rattle can and lasting approximately 24hrs. Perfect for long scanning sessions and outdoor use.


  • AESUB’s new long-lasting bulk spray, available in tins for application with a wide-nozzle spray gun. Great for large jobs and large area scanners like Artec Ray

How to use scanning sprays

AESUB scanning spray is simple to use with only three easy steps:

  1. Spray: Apply scanning spray 15-20 cm away from object. Push down the spray button and move the can across the area using even strokes. Spray the entire surface that you will be scanning. It is applied “wet”. The solvent vanishes within a few seconds, leaving an even, matte-white coating on the surface.
  2. Scan: Start scanning a soon as you have a stable and white coating.
  3. Done: AESUB Blue sublimates, eliminating the need for time-consuming cleaning.

If you are interested to learn more about adding AESUB sprays to your scanning workflow, our 3D Scanning Product Manager will be happy to help answer any questions.

Ready to start scanning?

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