How to 3D print files from 3D scan data using Artec Leo and Stratasys J55

Article by Kelly Clancy updated July 20, 2021


3D printing realistic prototypes is easier than ever before. Using the right technology can help bring your ideas to life quickly and easily!

In this demonstration video, we use the Artec Leo, Artec Studio software, and the J55 3D printer to make a realistic miniature head model of Cory Green, Javelin’s 3D Scanning Product Manager.

Step 1: 3D scanning with Artec Leo

First, we use the Artec Leo, the most mobile handheld wireless 3D scanner on the market, to start scanning Cory. The Leo provides an accurate scan while allowing us to move freely around Cory without wires. We can see the scan happening in real-time on the touch panel screen.

3D scanning with Artec Leo

3D scanning with Artec Leo

Step 2: Process scan in Artec Studio

Once we have completed the scan, we use Artec Studio software to clean up the data and prepare it for 3D printing. We’ve applied texture to the 3D model from the scan data. Finally, we’ve scaled the model to 10%, deleted the shoulders, and filled the neck to create a water-tight mesh. A scan of the truck interior was added to check the scale and fitment of the model head.

Process scan data in Artec Studio

Process scan data in Artec Studio

Step 3: 3D print the scan file

The next step is to load the scan file onto the J55 3D printer and press print. The Stratasys J55 is a full colour office friendly 3D printer. It is the ideal printer for both industrial and mechanical design, with a rotating print platform that produces outstanding surface finish and print quality. The J55 can produce more than 500,000 distinguishable colour combinations, print five resins simultaneously and provide multi-material capabilities that help create ultra-realistic models. This model took 2hrs and 38mins to print.

J55 3D Printer

Load the files onto the J55 3D printer

Step 4: Installation

The final step in the process is to remove the support material from the model. In this case, we can easily remove the support by hand to reveal Cory Jr and install it into the truck.

And there we have it! In a few easy steps, we were able to create a miniature model of Cory and 3D print a custom model.

Installation of 3D Printed part

Installation of 3D Printed part

3D scan to print applications

Although this was a fun and simple project, the process can be used for many different applications. For example, Cory has the ability to create upgraded carbon fiber parts for the RC car using Stratasys FDM printers and materials.

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