How to save time creating SOLIDWORKS Simulation by copying a Study

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated February 4, 2022


Want to save time when using SOLIDWORKS Simulation? Here we show you how to duplicate a study and copy features from one study to another. This makes it easy to run several iterations of a simulation. Because, let’s face it, we never run just one simulation. It’s a process, made up of many iterations of a study. Watch the video below to learn how:

The elements of a Simulation Study

This assumes that you already have a SOLIDWORKS Simulation study set up and you want to reuse it. But what are the elements of a simulation study?

  • Materials
  • Contacts / Connections
  • Fixtures
  • Loading
  • Mesh

The setup can at sometimes be tedious and time-consuming. So to save time, you have two ways you can reuse your simulation setup. You can either duplicate the entire study or copy and paste study features. Let’s start with the first method, duplicate the entire study.

Option 1: Copy a Simulation Study

With a study already defined you can just right-click on the study itself and click Copy Study. Here you have the choice to define the study type and all of the existing features will be copied to the new study.

Copy SOLIDWORKS Simulation Study

Copy SOLIDWORKS Simulation Study

Option 2: Drag and drop from one Study to another

The other option is to drag and drop features from one study to another. Just control select the features from one study and drag and drop them to another existing study. It’s an easy way to pick and choose the specific features you want to copy instead of duplicating the entire study.

Drag and Drop SOLIDWORKS Simulation Elements

Drag and Drop SOLIDWORKS Simulation Elements

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Simulation

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