3D Printing Food Safe Material

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The 3D printing market is always on the prowl for high performance materials. Materials that are strong, chemical resistant, heat resistant, bio-compatible, or even food safe. Thanks to Stratasys, the search can come to an end. ULTEM 1010 CG, available on the Fortus 450 and F900, this certified grade thermoplastic boasts a ton of highly desirable physical and mechanical properties that make it a homerun across many different industry verticals. In this article we will be focusing on 3D printing food safe material.

Food Safe Material ULTEM 1010 CG

ULTEM 1010 CG is one of the most under-rated Stratasys preferred material in the Fortus material ecosystem.  It boasts a slew of certifications such as ISO10993/ USP CLASS VI and is approved for food contact with NSF 51. While its high strength and heat defection temperature of 214.1℃ (417.3 ℉), usually make it an appealing choice for aerospace engineering, it is also a top choice among food production manufacturers as well. ULTEM 1010 CG also includes all of the necessary documentation for traceability in accordance with these certifications.

Toast press created with food safe 3D printing material

Toast press made with food safe ULTEM 1010 3D printing material

For this particular application, we used SOLIDWORKS to help us design a toast press. The device is placed on top of the bread and then pressed down upon, imprinting the image on the piece of bread. The compressed parts of the bread toast more slowly, hence the lighter color, revealing the logo as seen below. It is important to note that we mirrored the image of the logo, so that when pressed onto the slice of bread, the image would show up correctly.

Toast made with 3D printed toast press

Toast made with 3D printed toast press

FDM 3D Printing Materials

Thanks to the insanely high heat deflection temperature, our toast press is also dishwasher safe, so we can use this device again and again! FDM technology offers a large selection of materials for various applications. Follow the link below to learn more about the materials available.


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