How to boost productivity with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated October 12, 2022


When I worked in product development, it always seemed that when I was asked to get a render completed, it needed to be done yesterday before I got the assignment. Urgent timelines for great images of your digital creations are certainly common. When you’re fast and efficient in creating these renders, often your machine can be the bottleneck in time to complete your queue. This is where SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost shines!

Visualize Boost allows you to outsource your rendering from Visualize Pro to another computer, called a node, or multiple other machines on your network, called a cluster. By taking advantage of the additional computational power, render speeds increase, and your machine is free to continue creating more renders, editing CAD, or using other demanding applications. It’s a separate installation that goes on a separate computer on your network, and there’s no limit of the machines you can connect to it. If you have an existing CPU or GPU render farm, you can even install Visualize Boost on that since it’s hardware agnostic.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost

So, how can you get a license of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost? If you have Visualize Professional, you already have a license! Every license of Visualize Professional includes a license of Visualize Boost, and you can operate at a 1:1 ratio of Pro to Boost Licenses. To go beyond that ratio, feel free to contact your local TriMech Account Manager to ask about additional licenses or fill out our online form to request a quote.

To summarize the benefits:

  • Be more efficient by stacking multiple jobs in your render queue, allowing you to render in parallel while setting up the next job
  • Use an existing render farm or create your own to free your PC, allowing you to iterate quicker, shortening design cycles and saving costs
  • Create more complex renders, animations, and interactive content in the same time as still images

Interested in learning more about how to create excellent renderings even without boost? Check out our upcoming digital classes!

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