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Article by Brittany Hubbard updated January 24, 2023


The SOLIDWORKS Simulation family of products includes a wide range of tools and capabilities. Skilled users can evaluate their designs against simulated abuse before anything is physically manufactured. This can dramatically reduce the design cycle, and with a bit of luck make sure only one prototype ever needs to be made for real-world testing.

So, how do you become a skilled simulation user? TriMech and Dassault Systèmes offer multiple training options, from free tutorials installed with every seat of SOLIDWORKS, up to live instructor-led training courses. In this article we’ll look at what SOLIDWORKS Simulation training resources are available to help you learn to use your simulation tools.

What Simulation Tools Do I Have?

SOLIDWORKS Standard & Professional come with SimulationXpress and FloXpress, which are entry-level tools for running simple Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies. These are useful tools, but limited in scope and options. SOLIDWORKS Premium includes many more simulation tools, useful for a much wider range of situations. The nine SOLIDWORKS Simulation add-in modules expand considerably what sort of studies you can run.

What sort of training resources you need will depend on what tools you have, the industry you’re working in, and any prior experience you may have with simulation. If you’re unsure of what you have, or what you need, please reach out to us at TriMech. We’ll be happy to help steer you in the right direction.

Free SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials

Free tutorials are installed along with every seat of SOLIDWORKS. They not only cover the basics of solid modeling, but also of running simulation studies on your models. You can access them from the Help menu:

solidworks simulation tutorials menu

If you’re a SOLIDWORKS Standard or Professional user and just need to learn how to use SimulationXpress and FloXpress, go to the ‘All SOLIDWORKS Tutorials’ section. If you have SOLIDWORKS Premium, or one of the SOLIDWORKS Simulation add-ins, follow the ‘Go to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials’ link. From there the tutorials are grouped by product. Detailed instructions are included with each tutorial.

simulation in solidworks premium Training

Dassault Systèmes website,, is not nearly as well-known to SOLIDWORKS users as it deserves to be. The site is absolutely packed with useful resources, but the Training section is my personal favorite. It contains a wealth of training videos covering many topics.

my solidworks training

You will need to create a SOLIDWORKS ID, if you don’t already have one. You supply an email address and can link it to a SOLIDWORKS serial number. Clients with active subscriptions have full access, while those without active subscriptions have limited access. Those without active subscriptions, or a linked serial number, will still be able to watch some of the training lessons.

simulation training materials

The training materials include Lessons, Learning Paths, eCourses, and 3DEXPERIENCE World Technical Sessions. Lessons are generally about 8-20 minutes long, each covering a specific tool or topic. Learning Paths are ordered sets of lessons which together form a mini course. The SOLIDWORKS Simulation Learning Path is a great starting point for those looking to learn simulation basics.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation | MySolidWorks Training

eCourses are full-length, self-paced classes provided as a subscription benefit. There is no simulation eCourse for beginners, but there are several advanced topic courses for those already familiar with the basics:

  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Dynamics
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Nonlinear

3DEXPERIENCE World (formerly known as SOLIDWORKS World) is a massive annual event. Each year technical experts from around the world deliver top-notch presentations on a plethora of topics. Many of these Technical Sessions from past events are available for users to watch at any time. As of right now, there are 34 Technical Sessions in the Simulation category. You’re sure to find something to pique your interest.

Technical Sessions | MySolidWorks

YouTube Channels

SOLIDWORKS has the largest user base of CAD professionals in the world, plus a respectable community of students and hobby users. With millions of users out there, there’s a ton of SOLIDWORKS content on YouTube with more being produced all the time.

The great thing about YouTube is that anybody who wants to produce SOLIDWORKS content for the public can do so. Unfortunately, that’s also the problem with finding training material on YouTube. There’s so much to choose from it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.  And many videos were great content when they were uploaded, but are now out of date due to software updates in recent years.

That’s why when I’m looking for training videos, I go to first and YouTube second. On YouTube I search the official, professional channels I’m subscribed to, so I’m not totally overwhelmed with search results. On the rare occasions I still fail to find what I’m looking for, then I’ll do a general search and wade through the results.

Here are links to the official YouTube Channels:

Instructor-Led Training Courses

Last, and certainly not least, are our live instructor-led training courses for SOLIDWORKS Simulation and 3DEXPERIENCE SIMULIA Abaqus. TriMech offers both in-person and digital classes. Regardless of what format you choose, the content is the same. And you’ll have a knowledgeable instructor on hand to answer questions and guide you through any difficulties.

In-person classes can be delivered in our offices, or on location at your facility. In either case we provide lab computers with all the software required for the class. For digital classes all you need is a computer with an internet connection. Along with a virtual classroom for communication and screen sharing, we provide virtual machines with all the training software loaded and ready to go in your browser.

Visit the training section of our website for a complete list of the simulation courses we offer:

SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA Abaqus Simulation Training Courses (


SOLIDWORKS Simulation software is designed to be easy to use. So, there’s no need to worry about a steep learning curve. Whether you just need to run a simple study on a single part, or multiple studies on complex assemblies, the SOLIDWORKS Simulation training resources you need is easy to find, and easy to learn.

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