How to Change Your 3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated November 15, 2023


    The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows you to manage the user rights of all your members. After your order is processed, you will receive emails to agree to the terms and conditions (CLOSA) and a link to ‘Launch your 3DEXPERIENCE platform’ which generates your tenant. It is important that your designated platform administrator clicks the link in the email and creates or users a 3DEXPERIENCE ID with their email address. This person becomes the first licensed user and the 3DEXPERIENCE Administrator on your tenant.  You can forward the email to the appropriate person so that they can follow the link and sign in.

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

    3DEXPERIENCE Welcome Email

    Replace 3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

    If the wrong person clicked the link, you can use the option to ‘Replace Me’ which will transfer the license ownership to another person who will then become the administrator.  The original administrator will then lose access to the platform.

    Have your Administrator log in at

    Go to Members in the Platform Management dashboard and click the “i” icon beside the user.

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

    3DEXPERIENCE Members Control Center

    Then click Replace Me and enter the email address of the correct user.

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator Replace Me

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator Invitation

    Add New 3DEXPERIENCE Administrators

    You can have as many administrators as you want. When you add new users, you can also assign them as Administrator to give them the same rights.

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

    3DEXPERIENCE Invite Member

    Edit User Rights of Existing Members

    You can change the user rights of existing members as needed. Existing Members can become Administrators and vice versa. The filter can be used to show only Members or Administrators. Click the ‘i’ icon next to the member and select the Settings tab to choose the user right.

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

    3DEXPERIENCE Member Filter

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

    3DEXPERIENCE Member Settings User Rights

    Remove Users

    If you need to remove a user to free up a license, you can do this in the Settings tab. This option will only be available if all roles can be unassigned. There is a 30-day lock period after a role is first assigned to a user during which the roles cannot be unassigned. In this scenario, the option to remove the user will be greyed out. After 30 days and if the user has not used the platform in the past 2 hours, the lock will be removed and roles can be unassigned.

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

    3DEXPERIENCE Locked Roles

    3DEXPERIENCE Administrator

    3DEXPERIENCE Remove User

    All of the solutions in this article require logging in as a user with Administrator user rights on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This provides access to the Platform Management dashboard to make the desired changes. Users with Member rights will not have access to the Platform Management dashboard or the Members Control Center app.

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