SOLIDWORKS Training Class Myths

Video by Robert Gemmell updated January 30, 2024

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About the Video

We are constantly bombarded with information, opinions, and facts that can become myths and affect our perception of a SOLIDWORKS Class.  In this on-demand webinar, we will address the major myths of SOLIDWORKS training classes.

Whether you’re worried about how you’ll perform, what the training content will be or how the training will be delivered we will be debunking common training myths.

People will often have strong opinions about whether online or in-person classes are better, or if we even need instructor-led classes.  We’ll discuss common myths surrounding our training delivery and explain why it’s so effective and how it’s recognized by industry employers.

Many of our training myths stem from our own self-assessments, how we are going to compare to others in training. While some users will be concerned about disrupting training by asking questions, others will feel confident enough to try multi-tasking during training.

During this SOLIDWORKS Training Classes Webinar

Watch as Robert Gemmell, a TriMech Process & Training Consultant will discuss these perspectives and everything in between so you are confident and prepared for SOLIDWORKS training.

  • How do we accommodate individual learners
  • How you can get the most out of training
  • How we ensure eLearning is effective
  • What you can expect in training
  • How training is recognized

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