Make the Super Bowl Trophy Yours: A Journey from CAD to Realism with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Add-in

Video by Chris Duchaine updated January 31, 2024

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About the Video

Step into the realm of hyper-realism this Super Bowl season! Join us in this exciting webinar where we transform a SOLIDWORKS CAD model of the iconic Super Bowl trophy into a breathtaking visual masterpiece using the SOLIDWORKS Visualize add-in.

Imagine capturing the trophy’s gleaming and reflective elegance, just like it shines on the podium. This session is your ticket to mastering advanced rendering techniques, perfect for celebrating the Super Bowl spirit!

During this SOLIDWORKS Visualize Add-in Webinar, you will learn:

Watch as Chris Duchaine, a TriMech Solutions Consultant, starts with a detailed SOLIDWORKS CAD model of the trophy and seamlessly integrate it with SOLIDWORKS Visualize using the efficient add-in feature. We’ll dive into the art of applying custom lighting, mimicking a professional photo studio, to accentuate the trophy’s brilliance. The journey continues as we animate a turntable, providing a 360º view of the trophy in all its glory.

Finally, learn how to use the rendering queue feature to efficiently render high-quality visuals outside working hours, ensuring optimal use of resources.

  • Setup and use of the SOLIDWORKS Visualize add-in for efficient model conversion.
  • Techniques for creating stunning lighting setups for that perfect hero shot.
  • Steps to animate and render a turntable showcasing every angle of your model.
  • Utilizing the rendering queue for efficient, high-quality outputs.

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Chris Duchaine

Chris Duchaine is an Applications Solutions Consultant with TriMech. Chris has 10 years of engineering experience using CAD to design mechanical and electromechanical systems in the industrial equipment industry. He has worked over eight years with SOLIDWORKS value-added resellers and at TriMech.