SOLIDWORKS 2024 Assemblies

Video by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated February 2, 2024

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About the Video

Discover what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2024 Assemblies and enhance your productivity.

Find out what’s changed with configurations, step imports, and how to repair errors faster in this comprehensive breakdown of all the new tools for working with assemblies in SOLIDWORKS 2024.

Defeature Rule Sets

Simplify your design in fewer steps to improve performance and protect your intellectual property. Defeature your model with the Defeature Silhouette option, using rules that can be based on criteria such as custom property, mass property, and file name.

Repairing Missing References in a Linear or Circular Pattern

Spend less time repairing missing references for linear and circular component patterns, as SOLIDWORKS can now automatically find an appropriate substitute reference, if available.

Mate References and Auto Repair of Mate References

Get component assembly right the first time. Be more precise when mating components with an existing mate reference by allowing the user to choose between possible mate reference solutions. Now when creating mate references, you can select “Create mates only” when names match, to create mate references only when the mate reference names are the same.

Improvements to the Auto Repair feature for concentric and parallel mates add more criteria for identifying replacement entities.

More abilities at your fingertips:

  • Employ new modeling workflows with the ability to associatively insert an assembly into a part. Because the assembly is now a part, you can apply all part features to it. You can also display a single part in a bill of materials in place of an assembly.
  • Create a custom property that lets you automatically display not only the value, but also the unit of measure, such as length, mass, angle, in your notes and tables.

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