SOLIDWORKS 2024 Features and Part Modeling

Video by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated February 2, 2024

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About the Video

Discover what’s new with SOLIDWORKS 2024 features and part modeling.

Find out what’s changed with saving, the Hole Wizard, patterning and more in this comprehensive breakdown of everything that’s new for modeling in SOLIDWORKS 2024.

Hole Wizard

Accelerate the placement of Hole Wizard holes with the new option to select the end points of geometry where holes are placed automatically. You can also use geometric sketch entities like lines, squares, slots, and splines as guides to position the holes. Hover over the entities and click to position the holes on these sketch entities.

Making Multibody Parts From Assemblies

With the Make Multibody Part tool, you can convert an entire assembly into a separate, single multibody part that is linked to the parent assembly. The parent assembly will reflect all features that you create in the linked multibody part. Downstream platform applications also support these features, so you can perform post-assembly operations on the multibody part, such as material removal.

Bidirectional Linear Pattern

Create bidirectional linear patterns with a single click using the new Symmetric option. There is now more flexibility when creating a linear pattern with the ability to create a bidirectional linear pattern. This speeds the creation of a bidirectional linear pattern by eliminating the need to define the second direction to the linear pattern. It also guarantees both directions will be symmetric and have the same number of instances in the pattern.

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