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Post Processing

Learn more about 3D Printing Post Processing machines and techniques


Ask an Expert Series: 3D Printing Post Processing Resin Removal

3D Printing Post Processing Resin Removal

Since the inception of vat-based resin printing in the mid-late 1980s, the 3D printing post processing of resin removal from the surface of a 3D printed part has been a challenge. As the demand for…


Participate in the annual 3D Post-printing Survey by PostProcess

PostProcess Annual Survey

PostProcess is the only data-driven solution for 3D post-printing. In 2019, PostProcess Technologies conducted the first-ever Additive Manufacturing Post-Printing survey. It’s time for the annual additive post-printing trends survey Join the only 3D printing industry…


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Transfer Activation

IMPORTANT! Transfer Activation Prior to Upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2024

Prior to installing SOLIDWORKS 2024, you need to transfer activation from your prior release of SOLIDWORKS to ensure it’s available to activate SOLIDWORKS 2024.

SOLIDWORKS Packages Comparison

SOLIDWORKS Packages Comparison

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