IMPORTANT! Transfer Activation Prior to Upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2024

Article by Adam Harte-Maxwell, CSWE updated November 8, 2023


IMPORTANT! Prior to installing SOLIDWORKS 2024, please transfer activation from your prior release of SOLIDWORKS which will ensure it’s available to activate SOLIDWORKS 2024.


  1. Launch the earlier installed release of SOLIDWORKS.
  2. Transfer the license so that the activation is in the released state.
  3. Install / Upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2024 and activate the license.


If you need instructions about how to do the transfer, please visit:

Due to a change in the latest FlexLM licensing technology that SOLIDWORKS 2024 is using, the internal ID changes it generates using various components of the computer system, which will cause an Activation Count Exceeded error if the activation is not transferred prior to installing 2024.

If it is not transferred prior and you encounter an activation count exceeded notice when activating 2024, please contact your local SOLIDWORKS reseller you purchased from to obtain assistance.

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