Use Non-Parallel Planes for a SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Loft! [VIDEO]

SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Loft

Some of my favorite enhancements to come from this latest release of SOLIDWORKS are addressing some limitations that have affected my own workflow in the past. Traditionally, one would require the use of parallel planes in order to create a SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Loft part with dissimilar profiles.  Once the loft was created, one could then cut the sheet metal at the required angle and hope that the body would unroll. Now SOLIDWORKS has given us the ability to generate a dissimilar loft between two NON-PARALLEL planes! I invite you to take a peek at the video below to see how: Want to learn more about Sheet Metal design? Take our 2 day SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal training course either in-class or online. The sheet metal course is designed for users who need to learn how to model sheet metal parts that will be bent in a press brake. You will learn how…


Let’s get picky and use the Selection Manager

Dan Johnson asks this question in the SolidWorks Forum: I am trying to create a handle that is part of a scanner body and I made my curves using a 3D sketch. When I try and make either a loft or boundary surface, I try to grab just one curve in my 3DSketch, but it wants to grab the entire 3DSketch. How do I select just 1 curve for my profile? I tried the right mouse click, selection filter, but it grabs the entire 3d sketch too. Can anyone help?


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