Creating a Simple Loft Feature in SOLIDWORKS

Article by Caleb Overcash updated November 3, 2023


Creating a simple Loft Feature in SOLIDWORKS is not as difficult as you may think. However, there is some setup involved and a few things to be aware of to ensure the desired result. So, if you have been trying to create a Loft Feature, but aren’t quite getting the results you want, follow this article for a few helpful hints to improve your results!Loft Feature in SOLIDWORKS

Starting off, we need to understand what makes up the Loft. In the most basic form, a Loft needs two separate profiles in which to create geometry. Lofts can use guide curves and centerline curves to help mold the shape, but it is not always necessary to include these. Typically, the desire is to smoothly transition between different shapes, and if it is a straight path between the profiles, only the profiles are needed. In this example we are going to transition from a diamond profile to an ellipse, creating geometry that would otherwise be very difficult to model.

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The first thing to do is set up the profiles. If starting with a Loft first, then an offset plane will need to be created. Once this plane is added, then the two profile sketches can be created to produce a layout like the image on the right. Notice that the two profiles have one thing in common; both contain 4 individual points along the perimeter. The reason for this is to help in selecting the profile sketches and twist control when creating the loft feature.

With the profiles laid out, the only thing left to do now is to Select the Lofted Boss/Base tool, located on the Features tab of the Command manager. In the property manager, make sure the Profiles selection box is active and simply pick the profiles one at a time from the graphics area. Note that it is best to select the profiles in the same general area, or on a point in the same general area to avoid unwanted twisting as displayed to the left. If twisting occurs, simply drag the control points to align with one another to correct it. If this does not eliminate the twisting in the preview, right-click any of the connector handles, and select “Reset Connectors” from the menu to reorient the connectors inline for a smooth twist-free transition. Once aligned as desired, hit “OK” in the property manager to create the Loft Feature and finish the design!

If you want to learn more about creating a Loft Feature in SOLIDWORKS check with your local rep about signing up for the Advanced Part Modeling training course!

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