Updating Changes To Your Custom Weldment Profiles

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated January 10, 2011


Have you created a library of new custom weldment profiles for use in SolidWorks, or have you added custom property information to some of the pre-existing weldment profiles?

You may have noticed that if you’ve made changes to the either the profile sketch or some of the custom property information in the weldment profile file it might not be updating the way you expect in the weldment part file.  What is causing this behavior and what do we do about it?

Weldment Part File Did Not Update

The answer lies in the way SolidWorks brings information from the weldment profile file into the weldment part file.  When a structural member profile is selected from the property manager and applied to the route sketch all the information from the corresponding wedment profile file is imported into the weldment part file.  It is important to keep in mind that this information is not linked back to the weldment profile file dynamically.  So any changes made to the weldment profile file after the structural member feature was added will not be updated in the weldment part file, it already grabbed the information once and has no idea a change was made.

This means that if we make a change to the weldment profile file, whether it be to the sketch geometry or to the custom properties, we will need to tell the weldment part file to get the information again.  This is easy to do:

1: Edit the structural member feature in the feature manager design tree

2: Reselect the weldment profile

This forces the feature to re-import the information from the weldment profile file.  Now any current changes made to your custom weldment profile file will be up to date in the weldment part file.

Structural Member Information Updated

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