Four days and counting (Monday, March 28th)

Article by John Carlan updated March 28, 2011


Ted and I have been meeting for breakfast every Monday morning for 8 years.  That’s a lot of eggs and coffee.  For the last couple of years we have been meeting at Cora’s on North Service Road in Oakville.  Probably one of the best breakfasts in Oakville by the way.  We agreed that this was our last breakfast at Cora’s so a couple of pictures got snapped.  Thanks to the great staff at Cora’s.  I don’t think my coffee ever got cold there.

Coras in Oavkille on North Service - Great Breakfast


We drank alot of coffee at this table

Boxes are everywhere in old office.  It is a tough place to navigate around right now.

We are pretty much packed

Thanks also to the great team at Olivero’s (which is the sandwich shop on the first floor of 700 Dorval Drive).  They fed us well over the years.  I did the math and I think I might have been served about 700 tuna salad sandwiches (on brown, toasted with a caesar salad on the side) over the years.   Ted thought that he might have had about 300 luncheon salad specials.

We all loved the team from Oliverios

Ted really loved those luncheon salads


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