Three days and counting (Tuesday, March 29th)

Article by John Carlan updated March 29, 2011


More packing today at the old office and more cleaning and touch ups at the new office.  The grime has been removed from the windows and I can now see that it is a bright sunny day out there.   There was some purging at the office.  We had to force Ted to give up his homemade triple-decker 5 ¼ floppy super drive system and his Windows NT 4.0 system disks.  I noticed some moisture in his eye when he tossed in the trash.

Found on Ted's Shelf - Triple decker Floppy Drive and Disk

Dan Gamsby has been working hard on preparing our 3D theatre.  We feel have a good plan for the theatre and have been helped by our friends from Calgary, Computer Modeling Group.  CMG helped us with suggestions on how to setup the theatre.  We also have an audio plan and will be working with our customer, Canadian Speakertech on Friday to discuss how we can use their awesome Paradign speakers in the theatre.  Our plan for the 3D theatre is to use it for SolidWorks and 3DVia software demonstrations, presentations of 3DVia developed animations as well as the presentation of other new hardware and software products.  We also plan to rent it to our customers so that they can show their products in 3D to their potential customers.  We will help them do this and we hope we can help them win some deals.

That will be a 16' 2D/3D Screen in the Theatre

Major crisis at Javelin!  The coffee machine, that makes delicious coffee by the way, does not fit into our elegant cabinet system in the kitchen.  Whoops, missed this one.  We sweated this one for a bit but have come up with an acceptable Plan B.  We will be setting it up off to the side on a table.


I have cut over to the new office.  I worked there today and had the opportunity to take a nice walk outside to get some fresh air.  This was tough to do at the old office given that we were on the 7th floor and had an elevator ride down and up.  I just never seemed to get away from my desk to take a quick walk outside.

I am fully cut over by the way.  I changed my Outlook signature to the new address.  Here it is.

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