Two days and counting (Wednesday, March 30th)

Article by John Carlan updated April 1, 2011


It’s a bit of a blur but today is when the trucks started arriving.  They came fast and furious.  We had lots of help though.  Everybody pitched in and we made it through the day.  Josie and Neeta were there when the movers arrived.  Josie had the master plan and was the traffic cop.  Neeta had the camera and was our photojournalist.


Neeta and Josie directing traffic

Lots of JavFolks showed up at the new office on Wednesday.  So many so that I was surprised.  Mary and Barb setup in a meeting room to prepare for the end of quarter push.  New office infrastructure was a little rickety so they decided to head home and hunker down and process end of month orders from the JavSales team.

Barb and Mary

Everybody was super positive and helpful.  Where there were missing workstations we pulled some boxes together and made our own desks.  Anita had a nice station setup (below).  Not sure the ergonmics were terrific but we eventually tracked down and a chair and a table and had her working.

Anita's ergonomically challenged workstation

Mike V got the first couple of sales order in the new office.  He finished the day with three.  Way to go Mike.

Mike and the first order received at 3457 Superior Court

At times it did seem business as usual.  Charmaine processed our orders, the Fedex truck showed up and picked up our orders and got on their way.  The Javteam did great.  I don’t think we missed a beat.  Both Ted and I really appreciated everyone’s patience and support.

FedEx delivery at the new office

I decided to head over to the old office on Wednesday evening.  My office was empty except for my old table.  I loved that office and I loved that view out over Lake Ontario. The view was just spectacular in the morning when the sun was coming up over the lake .  I’ll miss it but I’m ready to move on.

Bye bye office

I took a walk down to the Tech Service area.  Over the years our team answered tens of thousands of calls from customers who wanted trouble shooting help and advice on best practices for using SolidWorks.

Javelin Tech Services Area at 700 Dorval

My last stop was the Dorval Room.  This was our main training room at 700 Dorval. We did some quick calculations and during our stay at 700 Dorval we trained over 3,000 design professionals in various SolidWorks training courses.  Our first instructor was John Brown who is now our Director of Sales. John  taught a four day SolidWorks Essential course.  Our last instructor who taught a course was Rob Greer. Rob taught the 2 day SolidWorks Routing course.

Dorval Room - Main Training Room for SolidWorks Users


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