One day and no more counting (Wednesday, March 31st)

Article by John Carlan updated April 1, 2011


Last day before we go officially live at 3457 Superior Court.  We do seem to be live already.  There are lots of people working here – Javfolk and all the tradespeople that are helping us get the office put together.  We have the mover/installers from Talisman, electrical from Deltro and the painters.  The hallways are busy.  We need traffic lights at some hallway intersections.

My first stop was Home Depot this morning.  It is 5 minutes away so it was a short trip.  I got my list given to me and I was off.  I came back with a good load.

5 Minutes Away ... Sweet

When I got back things were happening at full speed.  Orders were coming in.  Lights were getting installed and walls were getting painted.  Here is a pic of Ted double checking the installation of some lights in the customer bistro.  The bistro is a cool area for our customer who are taking training with us.  They can have a cup of coffee or eat their lunch in this spot.  It’s an area that allows them to take a break from the classroom.

Customer Bistro Build

You’ve heard of plumbers crack.  Well there is no such thing as network installer crack.  The team that did our network install were terrific.  They were very organized and efficient.  They did a great job.

Network installation

Speaking of terrific, our IT guy Ryan has been awesome.  As the trouble comes at him he deals with it and gets it resolved quickly.  He is pretty much a lifesaver for our team right now and he is doing a great job also.  Another person who has been really terrific is Shelley from our office.  Shelley has helped everyone and been involved in everything.  We could not have pulled this off without her help.  I know everyone from the JavNation would agree with this.

Our new training room at Superior Court is looking great.  We have taken care to set it up so that is good for the students but also easy to use for our instructors.  Here is a picture of some final installation work taking place.  We’ll be ready to go with our first class on April 11th, a SolidWorks Essentials class.  I had a beer toasting the last class at Dorval.  I think I’ll be toasting the new facility with that first class the week of the 11th.

New Training Room at Javelin

Ted showed off his electrical skills and even did a little training course for the guys from Talisman.

Ted wiring the new office

The last thing we did today was load a bunch of furntiture on the truck from Sew-on-Fire.  We donated extra chairs, plants, tables, shelves and whiteboards to Wendy’s organization.  The truck was filled up quite nicely when they left.  Here is a picture of Ted and I with Wendy from Sew-on-Fire.  Both Ted and I were sucking in our guts in this picture.

John and Ted with Wendy from Sew-on-Fire

Last note, we finished the quarter quite strong.  Even with all of the disruption associated with our move the Javteam was able to get our business done.  We helped many new companies get started with SolidWorks software and we efficiently handled customer support calls and emails with minimal downtime.  Having a hosted CRM system (we use NetSuite) really helps out.  We go live tomorrow!

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