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Article by Delvin Masilamani updated November 25, 2012


Some of the features included with SolidWorks Electrical software really sets it apart from other electrical design products.

Documentation Export & Bookmarks

Documentation included with SolidWorks Electrical has some cool features. The PDFs generated export with Hyperlinks

  • Hyperlinks between documents.
  • Hyperlinks on symbols, wires, and components.
SolidWorks Electrical Documentation

SolidWorks Electrical Documentation

The application has also introduced a bookmark feature that provides a user the ability to bookmark each component.

Unique Search Tool

SolidWorks Electrical has created a unique search tool. A user can search in a project by mark or by description. The search feature allows for adding filters in the document navigator.

SolidWorks Electrical Search

SolidWorks Electrical Search


Electrical licensing has been centralized with the existing SolidWorks package. There are two variations for licensing:

  • Standalone License
  • SolidWorks Network License
SolidWorks Electrical Product Licensing

SolidWorks Electrical Product Licensing

When designing an electrical system, organizations frequently look for ways to improve the overall delivery performance of their departments. SolidWorks Electrical makes it easy for engineers and designers to plan electrical systems and integrate those electrical aspects into the overall 3D mechanical models.

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