SolidWorks EPDM – Update Values in Files

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated January 23, 2013


Changing the value of a variable in the Folder Card may not propagate to File Card, even though the File Card is set to inherit that value from the Folder Card.

The “Update Values in Files…” utility can be used to update the values of a variable for multiple files within a folder.

In order to use this utility, the File Card must contain the same variable as the Folder Card.

1. In the local vault view, check out the files to be updated.

2. Select the folder that contains the files to be updated.

3. From the Modify pull-down select Update > Values in File…

4. Key Words can be entered to update only specific files. You can also choose to update files in sub-folders.

5. Select in which workflow states the files to update should be in. <Pre State> means files that have not yet been checked in.

6. Deselect the files you do not want to update.

7. Select the variables that need to be updated.

8. Select which configurations of the files need to be updated.

9. Click on Finish to start the update.



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