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Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated January 7, 2013


The SolidWorks  PDM Report Generator provides the means of querying a SQL Database, without running the query from within SQL Management Studio

In order to run Reports, a User or Group, must be granted this permission. This permission is set in SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin, for a User or Group

Admin Permissions

Once permissions have been granted, the Report Generator Window can be launched form the Tools pull-down, in the Local Vault View.

Accessing Report Generator

Initially, there may not be  any available Reports, in the Report Generator Window. In order to access Reports, click on the Import Query icon and select the Report you want.

Importing Query

Some sample queries are distributed with SolidWorks PDM. The sample Reports can be accessed on a client, by slecting the Report Examples 1.crp in the SolidWorks PDM installation directory.

Selecting Query


The Report Examples consists of 9 reports (at the time that this article was edited) and are shown in the below.

List of Queries

Additional Reports can also be downloaded from the Solidworks Knowledgebase and you can generate your own.

When importing a Report you will prompted to choose which Users and Groups will be able to run a Report. Only the Users and Groups who were given permissions to run reports, in PDM Admin, will be listed.

Granting Permissions to Individual Reports


Once the Reports have been Imported, they can be launched, by selecting one or more and clicking on Run. The results will be listed on the lower panel.


Query Results

Query Results

Also in the Report Generator Window, you can save the result of your queries and choose which vault to run the query on.

SolidWorks PDM Local Vault View

If you wish to create your own reports, the SolidWorks Knowledge Base Article ‘S-013369’ explains how this is done. You can also search the Javelin blog, for articles on creating your own Reports

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