IRAP Business Funding Grants for SolidWorks Software Implementation & Customization

Article by Rod Mackay updated January 16, 2013


The National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) has been one of the most prolific Canadian Government Funding Organizations with regards to their support of technological innovations within Canada’s Industries. Due to changes to the 2012 Federal Budget, IRAP has been given approximately $110 Million to be allocated to Canadian SMEs through government funding grants for small business, which is projected to continue in the 2013 fiscal year. These programs can help fund a variety of Javelin’s services to increase cash flow, as well as increase the scope and speed at which your company can carry out the project.

Canadian Government Funding for Technological Solutions

The IRAP Accelerated Review Program (ARP) is a process that is delivered by the NRC-IRAP. The eligible businesses can receive Ontario Government funding support for the development and implementation of advanced software and technologies to overcome a technical challenge. The process provides up to $50K in non-repayable Canadian Government funding for a business’ activities that are considered relevant to the project’s success and must meet the risk mitigating criteria. Therefore, it is important to note that not all programs under $50,000 are considered under the Accelerated Review Program, but many are found eligible, including the consulting and direct labour related to the integration and customization of SolidWorks 3D CAD, SolidWorks Simulation, SolidWorks Electrical, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, or Aras Enterprise PLM.

Details for Small Business Government Grants

Projects considered eligible for support are those that possess a strong business case in regards to the potential benefits from the projected technological advancements. IRAP would provide funding support towards 80% of the direct labour and 50% of the sub-contractors’ fees related to the development, implementation, and commercialization of the new software or technology. These could include lean manufacturing studies, engineering process analysis, software implementation, productivity improvements, product design, market research, and many more.

IRAP’s Funding for Small Business

Businesses that are interested in receiving funding through IRAP may also want to browse the organization’s additional opportunities for government small business grants.

  • IRAP Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP): Businesses can receive up to $100K in small business funding grants towards 80% of the project’s direct labour and 75% of subcontractor fees. The objective of this program is to promote the adoption and customization of new technologies and increase the productivity and competitiveness of Canadian SMEs.
  • IRAP Youth Employment Program (YEP): This program is a hiring mechanism that supports the recruitment of 1-2 recent graduate(s) for a 12-month internship. Businesses can receive up to $15K in non-refundable business grants or 50% of the intern(s)’s wages. The skills of the intern could be applied to a variety of business activities including R&D, market research, business development, or customer service. This is a great opportunity to hire a new role within your organization to manage the drafting, business process management, and/or reverse engineering software that will be implemented via other IRAP funding.

For more information on the availability of the IRAP Funding Programs, contact your Local IRAP Representative.

Ontario Government Funding Advice and Support

Those who are interested in applying for one of the Canadian Government Funding Programs mentioned in today’s article can receive additional information and support by signing up for a Free 60 Minute Canadian Government Funding Workshops or by contacting an Ontario Business Funding Expert. Businesses can also receive the latest up-dates and news-feeds from Government Funding Canada by subscribing to The Mentor Works Weekly Funding for Small Business E-Newsletter or following them on Twitter.

Source: Canadian Government Funding Programs for Software Implementation and Customization

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