SOLIDWORKS Popup Dialogs Now Display On Top Automatically [VIDEO]

Article by Adam Bridgman, CSWE updated April 16, 2013


In previous releases of SOLIDWORKS you may have noticed that dialogs did not always popup in front when they are most relevant. For example, when you edited a design table in SOLIDWORKS 2012, or older, a new Excel window appeared on top of SOLIDWORKS; but the accompanying dialog popped up underneath. As a result Excel seemed to be unresponsive and you had to return to the SOLIDWORKS window using the taskbar, close that dialog, and then return to Excel for it to work again.

Also, when creating a new macro or editing an existing one, the VBA window did not pop up in front of SOLIDWORKS.  It highlighted it in the taskbar and you had to click onto the window to bring it up.

Finally, and most importantly, when running a macro that brings up a form, the form did not always pop up in front. Nothing appeared to happen but it did lockout SOLIDWORKS.  So you had to press ALT+TAB in order to bring up this form, close it and only then SOLIDWORKS became responsive again.

In SOLIDWORKS 2013 this has been improved by making sure all of the SOLIDWORKS popup dialogs appear in front automatically. This applies to design tables, creating and editing macros, and of course when launching a macro itself.

Watch this video for more information, notice that in this version my cursor does not have to leave the screen!



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