What is SOLIDWORKS Simulation Submodeling and how do I use it?

Article by Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE updated April 5, 2013


Perhaps the best enhancement for simulation studies is the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Submodeling capability. For studies with a large number of bodies, this feature allows users to improve results at critical areas without having to rerun the analysis in the entire model. It can allow mesh refinement for a selected portion of the model and rerun analysis only in the selected region. This feature can act as a huge time saver.

Submodeling capability is available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and above.

How does SOLIDWORKS Simulation submodeling work?

In the initial stage, a coarse study can be run on the entire model. The submodeling study is then created by selecting the critical components and re-running the analysis only on the selected components. The displacements from the parent study are transferred in as boundary conditions.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Submodeling

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Submodeling

A submodeling study is derived from an eligible parent study. The parent study should meet these conditions to be eligible for a submodeling study:

  • The study type must be Static or Nonlinear static with more than one body and not be a submodeling study itself.
  • The parent study cannot be a 2D Simplification Study.
  • The selected bodies that compose the submodel may not have No penetration contact with unselected bodies that result in contact pressure across the cut boundary.
  • The selected bodies that compose the submodel may not share connectors with unselected bodies.

Submodeling Demonstration

Here is a quick demo on how to create a submodeling study.

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