EPDM – Adding a Folder with Templates

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated July 28, 2013


Templates can be used to create a new folder or even a folder structure. This can be done through a simple right click in the Explorer Vault View.

Templates are created through the Template node of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Administration. Right click on the node and select and select New Template.

New Template


Provide a Name for this template.

new project template name


Assign whose permissions are to be used when running the template.

execute as


We will not be looking at Template Cards at this time and  will be going directly to Files & Folders. Click on Template Variables.

template variables


We want to associate the name of one of our folders, to a serial number that has already been created in the Serial Number node of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Administration. We name the Template Variable, choose Serial Number as the Type and choose the required serial number from the Serial Number pull-down. To return to the Folder tab we press on OK. The “t_” at the beginning of the template variable name, helps identify that this is a template variable.

folder template variables


Both Root Folders (yellow icon) and Sub Folders (green icon) can be created. Root folders are created at the root level of the vault.

folder icons


A folder can be associated to a Template Variable, so that it displays the value of the that variable. In this example the “Project Number” Serial Number. the “%” must proceed and follow the variable name. To avoid typo’s, copy the Template Variable name, from the Template Variables window.

root folder


Sub folders can be added to the parent folder (shown in yellow), or to an existing sub-folder (shown in green).

sub folders


An Icon is added.

folder Icon


And Permissions are assigned.

folder template permissions


In the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Explorer Vault View, we can run our template from a right mouse menu.

run folder template


The template will generate the parent folder and any sub folders. In our example, the parent folder reflects the Project Number serial number.

Parent folder  cildren folders






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