SolidWorks Electrical: Creating Custom Connectors

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated July 9, 2013


Shao Liu regularly contributes to the documentation for our Electrical Team here at Javelin Technologies. The article below is a useful section from his work.

This article will demonstrate how to correctly set up the connector component in order to display cable and wires that attach to the connector in 3D SolidWorks with reference from SolidWorks Electrical.

Start with importing manufacture part information such as part number, manufacturer, library that a user wishes the component to be in and etc. Also add the circuit to the component which will be referenced when creating the 3D part.


Once the schematic information is set up correctly, open the 3D part in SolidWorks. Carefully inspect the part to see which side is the mating side and cable side. Insert sketch points to the cable side for easier connection points insertion.










Open Electrical Component Wizard. Follow the prompt to “Create connection points” page, then select Create Connection Point by Reference.


Filter out the correct part number. Once the part is selected, the pin information will be brought into SolidWorks. Hold the shift key + down arrow key, and select all available pins. Sequentially apply pins by clicking on the sketch points that should be created earlier. Select the green check mark once the pins are applied. All the pin indicators are turned from blue to green and also the connection pins are visible on the 3D part.


Not only the connection points are mandatory for the wires, but also cable connection point is required for the cable. To achieve this, a reference plane with a sketch point is helpful for constructing cable connection. Under Reference Geometry select the plane, click on the face that will be parallel to be the reference face, then adjust the distance further,and place the reference face to desired location. This is the location where cable will split into difference colors of wires before the connector.

Create a sketch point roughly in the center of the reference plane. Go back to Electrical Component Wizard, “Create connection points” page, then select Create Cable Connection Point. Apply cable connection on the sketch point of the reference plane. (Note cable connection is labeled as “EwCable” where wire connection point is labeled in “number_index” manner).

Close and save the part.

With the correct setup of connectors, connectors can achieve the following where detailed cabling will be displayed to the connectors according to type of cables that applied in schematic.


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