SolidWorks Electrical: The Archive Environment, Part 2

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated July 3, 2013


Shao Liu regularly contributes to the documentation for our Electrical Team here at Javelin Technologies. The article below is a useful section from his work.

SolidWorks Electrical has a powerful SQL back end and uses an archiving process for packaging all parts or project information. The first part of this blog covered the method of how a user can archive and share database manufacturing parts through the Archive environment. The second method is discussed below

Packaging the Database


With all projects closed, a user can archive the working environment which includes every aspect of the design process, such as the project file/folders (Line-diagrams, Schematics), manufacture part (by manufacturer), symbols, 3D SolidWorks parts, and etc. This can be done by simply selecting the Project and clicking Archive environment Wizard in the Project Manager.

For packaging just a section of a project, the Archive Environment Wizard has a very simple User interface . In this example, only 3D SolidWorks parts are needed, so uncheck all other options with only SolidWorks parts enabled.B5

Note that on the next window, a user should only select “Add” the 3D part file or files, all the other default ones can be changed to “Do nothing”

Save to a location upon click “Finish”

Now the user has two  types of archived files, one is manufacture information archive (The Archive Environment, Part 1) and the other being the actual content archive (in this example only the 3D files). The process of placing user added parts to another computer is achieved by un-archiving the content file, all 3D files will be copied to the sldPrt folder by default, and then un-archiving the manufacture info file will link the manufacture part with the correct 3D file. Now the user has the newly created parts with 3D content.

Alternately you can back up the entire database with this method of archive environment.

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