EXALEAD OnePart – Amazing New Intelligence for Legacy Data

Article by Eric van Essen updated August 25, 2014


onepart - dashboardI have recently had the pleasure of learning the functionality that EXALEAD OnePart offers. I was incredibly impressed with how quick it was to setup the software and I was by far most impressed with the amount of intelligence that it offered automatically. Just by pointing it to some key data sources I was able to make sense of the data in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

These screen shots are a good example of what you get when you point EXALEAD OnePart to a bunch of different sources with a mass of different legacy data.  You basically take an overwhelmingly frustrating situation and apply the ability to make sense of it all. Most importantly, you are able to make use of the countless man hours of effort that went into creating the data.

I love how the timelines are interactive charts where you can dynamically select a date range and drill in to the data.  The pie charts are generated automatically and are also interactive. For instance you could select the pie piece of “Plastic” components and that will filter your search for only those components.  Additional filters for “When”, “Who”, “Why”, “What” and “How” are a great way to continue to drill down into your data.

A great example of how EXALEAD OnePart brings back intelligence where there wasn’t before is how it makes sense of the materials.  It actually doesn’t matter which attributes or custom properties are used for material because it will automatically group them together without any effort from you.

Filtering by key mechanical feature is also a very interesting way to make sense of data.  Especially if you are looking for similar parts, being able to select defining features sizes (such as drilled hole size) can end up being the most important criteria.

Onepart - what

Let me know if you would like us to add intelligence back into your legacy data by doing a test index on some sample data.  I guarantee you will be blown away with what you find about your data.

onepart - when


Onepart - Why

Onepart - where

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