Why are my SOLIDWORKS Bend Lines not being displayed?

Article by Jim Peltier, CSWE updated March 27, 2015


A common question we receive on the support desk is “where are my SOLIDWORKS bend lines?” or “why are my SOLIDWORKS bend lines not shown?” This can happen for a variety of reasons which I will explain in this video:

Displaying SOLIDWORKS Bend Lines

  1. The first method I tried was to go to View > Sketches. This toggles the visibility of sketches, and if it is off, the Bend Lines sketch will be hidden
  2. The second method I used was to expand out the Flat Pattern in the feature tree and find the sketch Bend-Lines2 (could be other numbers shown). Then I could click on it and Show it by selecting the glasses.
  3. Finally, I demonstrated that to have the bend notes (in the event that your bend notes are not shown), you need to select your drawing view and choose “(A) Flat Pattern” as your view. The (A) will add the annotations, which include the bend notes.

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