SOLIDWORKS 2016 Convert Entities Tool can now Capture Internal Loops Automatically

Article by Rod Mackay updated September 28, 2015

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Convert Entities Tool

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Convert Entities Tool

When designing in the context of an assembly or within a single part reusing geometry from existing features is a common requirement to keep associativity and make your designs more intelligent.

This intelligence capability is greatly enhancements with the sketch “Convert Entities” tool now supporting the option to automatically convert internal loops of a selected face or feature.

No longer do you need to individually select internal loops or features resulting is a dramatic reduction in time and effort.

How to convert internal loops

To convert an entity’s internal loops or entities of a model face automatically use the Select all inner loops option in the Convert Entities PropertyManager:

  1. Start a new sketch use Insert > Sketch (or select Sketch from the Sketch Toolbar).
  2. Select the face that you want to convert to sketch entities, a new sketch will then be inserted onto the chosen face.
  3. Activate the Convert Entities Tool from Tools > Sketch Tools > Convert Entities  (or select Convert Entities from the Sketch Toolbar).
  4. Select the same face that contains the inner loops/holes that you want to convert.
  5. Pick the Select all inner loops button from the Convert Entities PropertyManager and they will be selected, in the example below there are four holes/inner loops in the face.
  6. Select OK/Green Check Mark to finish.
SOLIDWORKS 2016 Convert Entities Tool

Convert Entities Face Selected

The internal loops will now be converted to sketch entities, as shown in the figure below the four hole outlines are now present in the new sketch with on edge relations for the feature holes:

Internal Loops Converted

Internal Loops Converted

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