SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 Controlling Contour Plots

Article by Siavash Khajehhasani updated September 29, 2015


One of the other post-processing enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 is the ability to control values and display of maxima and minima on contour plots. Undoubtedly, control options for contour plots are useful tools for the post-processing of simulation results. However, there has been always a demand from users that this tool can be more powerful. There we are!

Compare SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015 vs 2016

Let’s compare the functionality of contour plots in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015 vs SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016:

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015

In SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015, if you decide to customize the minimum or the maximum values of a result contour, any values below the minimum and above the maximum were demonstrated in the same colour of the original minimum or maximum value, respectively. An example shown in Fig. 1 clarifies the issue. In this case, the global minimum value of the displacement is 0 mm, however, we are only interested in values larger than 0.2 mm. Accordingly, we need to select the ‘defined’ option and change the minimum value of the displacement contour plot to 0.2 mm. However, the problem is that all of the displacement values from 0 to 0.2 mm will be shown in a blue colour.

Contour Plot in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015

Fig. 1: Contour Plot in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016

On the other hand, SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 demonstrates a clearer contour plot. As depicted in Fig. 2, the same example discussed above is shown in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016. By unchecking the ‘Automatically defined minimum value’ option, the desired minimum value of 0.2 mm can be specified. Herein, you have the ability to pick a colour that is different from the default color range to display results that fall outside the customized limits you define, which in this case ‘dark grey’ in picked. Consequently, displacement values below 0.2 mm are displayed in dark grey and you can be more focused in the area of interest for the results contour.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 Controlling Contour Plots

Fig. 2: Contour Plot in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016

Learn What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016

Controlling contour plots is just one of many great enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016. To learn about other enhancements we recommend that you attend our Launch Broadcast on either Thursday October 1st or Tuesday October 6th. Please visit our registration page to register for a Broadcast event.

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