Suppressing SOLIDWORKS Sketch Relations

Article by Jim Peltier, CSWE updated October 11, 2015


Greetings, fellow SOLIDWORKS user!

A neat trick that not many users are aware of is the ability to suppress a sketch relation. While this may not seem like the type of thing that needs to be done very often, it’s very useful when it is needed. When suppressing sketch relations, use the following technique:

  1. Go to Display/Delete Relations (on the Sketch tab of the Command Manager)
  2. Select the sketch relation from the list on the left
  3. Check the box to suppress it
  4. Choose which configurations you want it suppressed in (This configuration/All configurations/Specify configurations)

It’s as easy as that. Here’s a screenshot showing you everything you need to know:

Suppressing SOLIDWORKS Sketch Relations

Suppressing SOLIDWORKS Sketch Relations Steps

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