Beyond the 3D Printing Basics with FDM and PolyJet [VIDEO]

Article by Rod Mackay updated December 7, 2015

Watch our latest on-demand webinar with Ken Burns, Stratasys Material Business Manager, as he goes beyond the 3D printing basics to show you how to make the best possible Fused Deposition Modeling Nylon 12 parts with Insight tips, post-processing and best practices. Master the art of finishing PolyJet VeroClear parts and see the impact of the newest Stratasys support material, SUP706.

Watch Beyond the 3D Printing Basics On-demand Webinar:

About SUP706

SUP706 is a new soluble support material that will increase your productivity and design freedom. 3D printing with SUP706 support on Stratasys triple-jetting systems (Connex1, Connex2 and Connex3) gives you the freedom to design intricate, multi-material parts that can be easily cleaned. A simple two-step soak-and-rinse process enables hands-free support removal.

Beyond the 3D printing basics - Parts with convoluted cavities

Parts with convoluted cavities

PolyJet technology’s best-performing support material enables:

  • Design freedom to create parts that are intricate or delicate, including parts with convoluted cavities and rubberlike components
  • Cost and time savings with hands-free support removal
  • Versatility to choose quicker WaterJet support removal for any part, anytime.

SUP706 is compatible with the full range of triple-jetting 3D printers and all PolyJet materials, except Hearing Aid material.

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