Learning 3D printing from home: guide for students and educators

Article by Kelly Clancy updated March 24, 2020


Learn more about 3D printing

Explore everything about 3D printing in Education!  Whether you are an educator, researcher or a student, use these resources to learn more about 3D printing:

For Educators

Watch a webinar

Watch our 3D printing 101 webinar to learn:

  • What to look for in a 3D printer
  • The different types of technology available
  • How to get started
  • The importance of a course curriculum

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Research 3D printer options for classrooms

Javelin offers many 3D printers from desktop to production. Learn more about the best 3D printer options for the classroom.

Do cool projects, enter challenges or explore tutorials

Additive Manufacturing Education Symposium
Extreme redesign student competition

This contest asks students, to redesign an existing product to improve how a task is accomplished, or design something entirely new that addresses an unmet need. This is a quest to find the most creative, mechanically sound and realistically achievable design using 3D printing. This year’s Challenge is open until April 21st, 2020. Enter now!

Learn how to apply textures with SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS 2019 introduced a new 3D texture tool that leverages an image, turning its appearance directly into a 3D mesh body that is ready for downstream processing or 3D printing. Watch this video to learn how to apply textures to your models.

How to 3D print parts with moving components

Rather than 3D printing smaller parts and assembling them together, learn how you can 3D print parts with moving components in a single print! Read this step-by-step guide.

NASA regolith advanced surface systems operations robot (RASSOR) bucket drum design challenge

NASA is seeking to challenge the GrabCAD Community by sponsoring an open competition in which participants design a bucket drum for RASSOR that will provide the maximum amount of regolith extraction and retention while remaining free of obstructions during loading and unloading. Learn more here. 

Additional 3D printing project ideas

Want to explore projects like an organizer, camera accessories, catapult, glider, weight supporting structures, and more! Check them out here.


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